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William Stephenson – WWII Mastermind

3rd Place Finish in Senior Documentary Category in 2015 Virginia History Day High School competition

Sir William Stephenson – The Uncut Interview with Lynn Philip Hodgson

The True Intrepid – Sir William Stephenson

Our guest today is former teacher and journalist, Bill Macdonald, the author of The True Intrepid: Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents, and Intrepid’s Last Secrets: Then and Now.


The William Stephenson Agricultural Research Centre

The William Stephenson Agricultural Research Centre, located in Rosser, honors Sir William Stephenson, the Winnipeg-born spymaster whose wartime intelligence efforts inspired James Bond. The research center is a proprietary crop research and development facility owned by Paterson GlobalFoods

On Nov. 17, 2019, Andrew Paterson received the Intrepid Award here, recognizing his contributions to preserving Stephenson’s legacy. The Paterson family also played a significant role in the war effort. Donald Paterson, Andrew’s father, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.

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Intrepid Statue Project (2021) – Whitby, Ontario

Explore the 2021 Intrepid statue project in Whitby, Ontario. This bronze statue, created by Ruth Abernethy, commemorates Sir William Stephenson. Learn more about the making of the statue and Sir William Stephenson’s remarkable legacy.

Sir William Stephenson, A Man Called Intrepid
Created by Ruth Abernethy
104″ L x 44″ D x 96″ H

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Featured Reading

The War We Won Apart by Nahlah Ayed

The War We Won Apart: The Untold Story of Two Elite Agents Who Became One of the Most Decorated Couples of WWII 

This 416-page book, recently launched at McNally’s in Grant Park, was written by former Winnipegger, Nahlah Ayed.

Reconstructed from unpublished interviews and hundreds of archival and personal documents, the story tells about the ravaging costs of war paid for disproportionately by the young. But,The War We Won Apart is also a story about love: two secret agents who were supposed to land in enemy territory together, but were fated to fight the war apart.

On opposite sides of the pond, Sonia Butt, an adventurous young British woman, and Guy d’Artois, a French-Canadian soldier are preparing for war. From different worlds, their lives first intersect during clandestine training to become agents with Winston Churchill’s secret army, the Special Operations Executive. As the conflict unfolds, Sonia and Guy learn how to parachute into enemy territory, kill, blow up rail lines, and eventually . . . love each other. But not long after their hasty marriage, their love is tested by separation, by the invasion—and by indiscretion.

Sonia plunges into Nazi-occupied France and slinks into black market restaurants to throw off occupying Nazi forces, while at the same time participating in sabotage operations against them; as Guy, in another corner of France, trains hundreds into a resistance army.

Amazon: $25 hard cover; Indigo: $27 hard cover; McNally’s: $36 hard cover

Ian Fleming: The Complete Man by Nicholas Shakespeare

This Intrepid Society-recommended recent book by biographer Nicholas Shakespeare is well-written and thoroughly researched. The 864-page biography focuses on the “other” life of James Bond series author Ian Fleming from his childhood through his impressive experiences in Naval intelligence to his career as a thriller writer, which occupied only the last 12 years of his life. Shakespeare has utilized the Fleming archive and uncovered material that brings a new perspective to Fleming’s complete life and fictional spy creation.”

Available on Hard cover – $53.31; Paperback – $30.17.

Unlikely Soldiers by Jonathan F. Vance

Unlikely Soldiers by Jonathan F. Vance

This well-researched book from 2008 offers the heroic stories of Frank Pickersgill and Ken Macalister, two Canadians who trained with and worked for the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the Second World War.

The book is available currently from in paperback, hardcover and kindle.

Books on Sir William Stephenson

Hyde, H. MontgomeryThe Quiet Canadian: The Secret Service Story of Sir William Stephenson1962
MacDonald, BillIntrepid’s Last Secret: Then and NowHistory, Spies and Lies2019
MacDonald, BillThe True Intrepid: SWS and the Unknown Agents2002
Stevenson, WilliamA Man Called Intrepid1976
Stevenson, WilliamIntrepid’s Last Case1983

Books on Camp X

Hodgson, Lynn-PhilipInside Camp X2000
Hodgson, Lynn-PhilipThe History of Special Operations in Canada2014
Hodgson, Lynn-PhilipThe Birth of Special Operations in Canada2018
Hodgson, Lynn-Philip / Alan P. LongfieldCamp X: The Final Battle2001
Stafford, DavidCamp X: OSS, Intrepid, and the Allies North American Training Camp for Secret Agents, 1941-451986
Stafford, DavidCamp X: Canada’s School for Secret Agents 1941-451986
Stafford, DavidCamp X: The incredible and true story of Canada’s School for Secret Agents 1941-451987

Books on British Security Coordination

Hyde, H. MontgomeryRoom 3603: The Incredible True Story of Secret Intelligence Operations During World War II (Reprint)2001
Stephenson, William SamuelBritish Security Coordination: The Secret History of British Intelligence Americas 1940 – 451999